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My name is Annette Sugarman and I have Ovarian Cancer. Good medical care, a positive attitude and Jin Shin Jyutsu have kept me alive, happy and healthy.

My cancer was first diagnosed in March 2000, since then I have had 3 major surgeries and nine courses of chemotherapy. In 2000 it was anticipated that I would have less than five years. Nearly two years ago my oncologist told me that I had only two months to live because, she thought, I could never survive the surgery required to remove a tumor. I got another oncologist to give the surgery a try, and I was fortunate to get Teri Meissner, a Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner and friend, to work on me extensively before and after surgery. Jin Shin Jyutsu helped me prepare, kept me strong and aided my healing. In a whirlwind of drastic measures, invasive procedures and knock-your-socks-off medications, the gentle art of Jin Shin Jyutsu provided strength.

I continue to enjoy Jin Shin Jyutsu treatments for cancer and for life. The self-help techniques Teri taught me are a constant source of strength and comfort.

I strongly recommend Jin Shin Jyutsu for anyone with cancer or medical issues, and for anyone without!

Annette Sugarman, Westchester, New York

I am pleased to be able to relate my experience regarding Jin Shin Jyutsu during my treatment for breast cancer, in the hope that you can bring much needed relief to those in treatment.

I was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer in February of 2007. I had surgery and chemotherapy, which ended in August of 2007. Quite literally, my body had taken a beating. I felt as if I wanted a massage but couldn't conceive of being "roughed up" by a masseuse. A masseuse that I know recommended me to Teri Meissner, a Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner.

I met with Teri. My first one-hour treatment helped me to relax, and to relieve the exhaustion. I was able to sleep better beginning that night. I was enduring terrible hot flashes from the medication, and the treatment helped to relieve those as well. I had suffered a weakened heart muscle as a result of the chemotherapy. Teri's program helped my heart to begin to recover.

I also left Teri that first day with a series of 5 or 6 simple moves that I still use today to relieve the anxieties and stresses of daily life here in New York City. Jin Shin Jyutsu continues to heal and strengthen me now that I am a cancer survivor. It is truly a tool for going forward to improved health.

I am happy to recommend Jin Shin Jyutsu to anyone in any stage of cancer treatment. Jin Shin Jyutsu is "low impact", but effective to bring much needed relief during treatment.

Jane McNichol,  New York, NY

As an ongoing client of Teri's I highly recommend her. Every treatment of Jin Shin Jyutsu is highly restorative and relaxing. She is sensitive to any problem areas that require focus and she is always able to restore my balance. I feel energized, calm, and stronger after each session. Teri's care filled treatments should become an integral part of everyone's health care!

I search out Teri whenever I feel that my health is compromised, whether I have a cold, flu, or other health concern. After just a session or two with Teri I am back on my feet again with my usual strength. When my teenage daughter had a severe case of Mononucleosis, I brought  her to Teri. She was able to help my daughter swiftly turn the corner and get back to her normal active lifestyle within a couple of days. My daughter was so pleased and thankful to Teri.

Dianne W.,  New York, NY

On the morning of the day that my 12 year old daughter and I were flying to Los Angeles, she had a fever, a bad cough, and a stuffy nose. The usual cold and fever medicines were not helping. I called Teri Meissner, who was in California at the time. Teri gave me guidance over the phone on Jin Shin Jyutsu Self-Help for my daughter. I followed her directions, and about 30 minutes later, I could tell my daughter was feeling better. Her fever went below 100 degrees, and she wasn't coughing quite as much. Thanks to Teri, we were able to fly to California that day.

J. FurnessNew York, NY

It was a great pleasure to have met you in New York recently. I felt very free several days after your treatment. Pity, I could not have it on a more regular basis.

Karl McPhee,  Sydney, Australia

I'm Curtis, Sharon's step dad. Thanks for all the caring and help you gave Sharon while she was in the hospital. I am glad we met and did receive the book you gave to her for me. We are grieving but also going on.

Many Thanks,

Curtis Crouch

I have got my back, back again. From time to time during my life I get severe back pains so bad that I cannot bend. Nobody can explain why, despite trips to different doctors and X-ray machines. Four weeks ago, the agony returned big time. On a late Saturday evening I called Teri Meissner who worked on my back for one hour and again the next afternoon. By the following day (Monday) I was BACK playing soccer with my son. The pain has not returned. I seem to have more freedom, more movement in my back now.

Thank you Ms. Meissner

J. Egan,  Manhattan

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